Old love never dies !

In 1989 I began dealing in antiques in De Looier – these days known as the Antiques Centre Amsterdam and still going strong. Handling beautiful objects and earning a living while doing it was my dream job. It was love from the word go.
Two years later Steensma & Van der Plas opened its doors on the Prinsengracht 272 in Amsterdam. We specialized in ‘office antiques and eyecatchers’: desks, library tables, filing cabinets, bookcases, large wall clocks and globes. Business was good and until 2004 we restored and sold stunning pieces of furniture and quirky objects.

Then life happened and now I am in Marrakech most of the time. It is a long story

Throughout the years my love for antiques has been a constant companion. It is the reason this website now exists: I’d like to show you the special objects that I find. Maybe you want to buy one or two – that would be good. But just looking and browsing is fine too. I hope you enjoy their beauty and the stories behind them as much as I do.